Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ron Paul Election Survey

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scandinavian said...

Our family is writing this up to tell of what happened to us on the value voters debate. We are very frustrated given my disabled wife was not allowed to vote and had no other way to be represented!

FRC action leadership sits on knowledge of false results from its "value voters debate poll" due to online vote blocking
The FRC action committee is sitting on the knowledge from phone calls they had Friday and Monday to their offices that their online poll was blocking voters from voting. For christians and value voters that could not attend their DC meetings, many of their votes were blocked putting into question the results from this meeting. These people who maybe too busy,elderly/disabled, or to poor to attend the DC meeting appear to have have been disenfranchised. Voters calling on Friday and Monday notified the FRC action group that there votes were denied when they tried to vote online. FRC action representatives seemed genuine in saying they realize that this happened and that there was a skeleton crew managing the office. It truly was an accident they wanted the public to know. But they dont understand why as of yet this happened but have notified their leadership of the problem.

With the christian base split geographically across the country the longer this brews the worse of a problem it could be.

With so much distrust by the public on polls, electioneering even by the media to get a certain groups "right" candidate into washington,this is not sitting well with the groups who already say as conservatives they feel betrayed.

The question is how long will the FRC and Tony Perkins sit on these facts?

What benefit does it have to not immediately notify the public that a revote is needed.

Is the FRC gaining something or their leadership by letting these false advertising results stay in the media for a while?

It is well known that Romney has strong problems because of his mormon faith with the base. Huckabee is hated and distrusted by value voters who faught day and night for what they viewed as supported overthrow of our
nation and values under the guise of the McCain/Kennedy/Bush illegal immigration and amnesty bills passage. Huckabee at the time was a STRONG supporter of the bill and has been back tracking ever since the public outcry. He was an even stronger fighter for the Kennedy/Bush/Mccain immigration creed in Arkansas. He faught against laws oh so willing with that Huckabee tongue of his he slandered other christian representatives to win his arguements,for a christian stepping across the boundry of calling them racists seemed very bizarre. Mr. Huckabee supported his biggest campaign sponsor tyson foods ceo and the hispanic lobbist groups and mexico foothold in arkansas with the famous 1 dollar a month rental that normally costs 5000 dollars. He is known to try whatever opportunistic tacticts he feels will get him to his goals, saying some of the most hurtfull things of others with his huckster brand of humor to see what he can get away with.

Will the FRC action group chance dividing and fracturing the Christian base by delaying on notifying the public that their Polls were broken?

Will they do the right thing and redo the online polls to be fair to all those that wanted to vote in the value voters debate?


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