Wednesday, July 18, 2007

McCain Campaign Going Down in Flames

July 18th 2007
Davy C Rockett

It looks as though John McCain will not be following Osama bin Laden to the gates of hell, as Commander in Chief in 2008. Support is wavering for the Republican Presidential Candidate, as the Q2 campaign contributions reports come in and hit the presses.McCain raised around 25 million in Q1 and admittedly blew it . "We didn't use the money in the most effective way," McCain said.
Apparently so John, and faster than our elitist leaders in Washington who spend the taxpayers monies they "half-ass" represent, in the most noneffective ways, with "NASCAR lightning speed intensity".
Imagine, if you can, my fellow countrymen, a 60 trillion dollar debt with skyrocketing interest, due to obligated future entitlements, that our brillliant politicians have manage to rack up over the last 60 yrs. It's spent before it comes in.
I have a feeling McCain didn't know what the heck was going on inside his campaign, or was just doing business as usual as an experienced elected federal official, who famously lacks financial understanding and restraint.
If his lack of financial support and "blank check" use of those dollars wasn't bad enough, John McCain is now facing more troubles within his presidential campaign. Two of his top campaign aides, campaign manager Terry Nelson and chief strategist John Weaver resigned this last week. At the beginning of July, McCain's campaign reportedly laid off nearly half of it's staff due to the waning support.At one point, It was reported that McCain had over 100 to 200 paid people involved this early in the campaign.
McCain was also stated to say that they should have waited and spent more money on TV commercials later down the road in the race for the White House in 2008.

Ron Paul however continues to gain ground and is reported to now have more in the bank than McCain, pushing Paul into 3rd among the Republican hopefuls for President, behind Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani in money for campaign financing. In fact on Ron Paul's website they are calling for donations to help expand into bigger campaign headquarters to meet the demand of incoming support into the Paul campaign.

Will McCain bounce back? Very doubtful, but only time will tell, for in the Republican run for the nomination, there is still no definite and clear leader.

Mainstream media reports that Romney and Guiliani are still the frontrunner's based upon Gallop and Zogby polls, but the new media and practically every Internet poll shows Ron Paul with commanding leads of at least 60% of the voters approval and/ or support as their choice for President in 2008.

Once again, I don't think McCain is going to succeed in capturing the hearts and minds of the conservative majority in the United States.
For Conservatives like me, I would have lost no sleep if McCain had been out of the race before the second GOP debate, and I don't think most Republicans would have missed him much either to be quite frank.

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