Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The moral Conservative running in 2008

July 12th, 2007
Davy C. Rockett

The political bashing has begun on the Internet. Allegations of misdeeds are travelling amongst the blogs and media.

It seems Mitt Romney is said to have had dealings with making millions from "porn on demand", distributed throughout Marriott Hotels chain, as Mitt set on the board from 1993-2002.
Christian Conservatives are assessing that he doesn't represent their "values", and doesn't seem to be the moral candidate Mitt claims he is when stumping on the campaign trial.
Many conservatives share the idea that Romney is the "flip-flopper" of the Republican party, as Kerry was to the Democrats in 2004.

Undeclared presidential candidate Fred Thompson has been catching flak for supposedly lobbying for a pro-abortion group in his Senate days this past week, and Rudy Giuliani is having trouble with the Christian Conservatives as well, with his stances on abortion, gay rights, cross-dressing and many marriages to many wives. His own son has been on record of not being to fond of Dad's dealings over the years either.

McCain on the other hand has not had any dirt dug up on him that I know of, yet his campaign appears to be going down in flames as financial support is wavering and internal troubles within the McCain campaign camp with top staff resigning early this week, has left McCain anything but a front runner in the race for the White House in 2008.

With a majority of Americans wanting our troops out of Iraq, wanting secure borders, and wanting more freedoms instead of less as we fight this war on terror, the Bush /Cheney doctrine of "Give up liberty and America's core values for the sake of a false security" the last 7 years, is steadfastly waning.
Even as I write today reports of Al-Qaida being just as strong or stronger than the were before 9-11, are coming across the wires.
This would seem to suggest what we've known for some years now, the Bush course for the war on terror in Iraq and abroad is not having this administrations desired effect.

Ron Paul seems to be the one moral candidate defying all the odds and political bashing, having no character flaw issues or little dirt if any, stifling his campaign support.
Paul not only has kept his nose clean over the years, but is also keeping his message in lockstep with the American sentiment of what the role of the government ought to be at home and abroad. Ron Paul's message of life, liberty, peace, prosperity, and constitutionally limited government is long overdue and well received.

Returning to Constitutional Rule of Law is exactly what Americans want, and are intelligent enough to know, is what we need in our history right now.
If perpetual wars / police actions around the globe, 60 trillion in obligated debts, and Hindu prayers leading off Senate dealings isn't enough of a gauge that the American leadership of both parties are on the wrong path, then I say our elected leaders are asking for failure, and need to be removed in 2008.

Ushering in a system not based upon liberty from a creator, but on a system of slavery to the state who deems what rights men will get and what it will spend outside the bounds of law, is not only un-American, unlawful, and immoral, but leaves us more unsecure as well.

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"In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." -- Thomas Jefferson